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National Philoptochos Society


To promote charitable, benevolent and philanthropic outreach to preserve the sanctity of life and family and to perpetuate and promote our Orthodox faith and traditions."  Click here to read more...

Paschal Message from President Logus

Dear National Board Members, Chapter Presidents and Stewards of the Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society,                                                                                            

Christ is Risen!  Truly He is Risen!

On Pascha we celebrate the moment when good conquered evil and life triumphed over death.  Just as Spring brings warmth and bright colors to the earth after a harsh Winter, Pascha brings joy and new life to the spirit, offering us the hope of renewal and a time to recommit ourselves to our Faith, our Holy Church, our families and friends, and, of course, to those in need. 

As faithful stewards of Philoptochos, we have a daily opportunity, indeed an obligation, to follow the selfless example of Christ’s love, to share the “light” by helping those in need.  Some of you may have heard about the Butterfly Effect, a physics concept, which suggests that a single butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the globe can, in theory, cause a significant weather event on the other side of the world.  What if a simple act of kindness, a very small change not unlike the movement of a butterfly’s wings, could also result in significant consequences? 

To read the rest of the message, click here.

President Logus Presents Her Vision for Philoptochos

To access her speech and radio interview, click here.

National Philoptochos Ministry Committents

The National Philoptochos Ministry Commitments are the heart and soul of Philoptochos. All chapters are urged to continue their generous support for these vital national ministries.The Commitments for April are as follows:

International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)

IOCC, in the spirit of Christ’s love, offers emergency relief and development programs to those in need world-wide, without discrimination, to enable them to continue to improve their own lives and communities and to have means to live with dignity, respect and hope. In addition, with team members on the ground at disaster sites, the IOCC strengthens the capacity of the Orthodox Church to respond quickly and compassionately. IOCC has distributed nearly $500 million in emergency assistance and development programs to families and communities in more than 50 countries and across 4 continents.

Philoptochos has been committed to generously supporting IOCC. The mission and focus of IOCC, of helping those in great need, is deeply aligned with the work that Philoptochos also seeks to do.

Through the years, and with the generosity of the chapters, Philoptochos has partnered with IOCC on many projects. Some of these projects include:

  • The distribution of two containers, each containing 280 wheelchairs.  These wheelchairs were distributed to 280 individuals in the Republic of Georgia and to 280 indiciduals in Thessaloniki, Greece.  In addition, funds collected from the chapters provided for vocational training for the 560 individuals who received the wheelchairs.
  • The establishment of a Children’s Medical Clinic in Woliso, Ethiopia in the Western Highlands.
  • The   Fund   has   provided   for   donationstowards famine relief in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia as well as for 2 shipments of cholera kits with pharmaceuticals and supplies to treat the victims of cholera and dysentery due to the Pakistani floods.
  • Philoptochos in partnership with IOCC was among the first responders to send aid in support of the victims suffering as a result of the economic crisis in Greece.
  • In 2014, the National Philoptochos donated $45,000 in continued support to Ethiopia for the prevention and treatment of the epidemic tropical disease, Podoconiosis. Podoconiosis is a disease of the lymph vessels of the lower extremities that is caused by chronic exposure to irritant soils. It is characterized by prominent swelling of the lower extremities, which leads to disfigurement and disability. To help prevent this disease, the Philoptochos partnered with IOCC and Tom’s Shoes to provide shoes for women and children in Ethiopia.
  • Over the past 10 years, National Philoptochos has donated a total of $482,275 to IOCC.

For information, please contact IOCC coordinators Patricia Aleck and Athanasia Ward.

Sisterhood of Saint Basil Academy

During the Philoptochos National Conference in Buffalo, NY in 1960, the Sisterhood of Saint Basil Academy program was founded and to this day continues providing dedicated support for the children of the Academy. The Sisterhood fund provides for the physical needs of the children, graduation celebrations, awards and gifts, and facilitates the mission of Saint Basil Academy which is “to shelter, protect, love and educate the youth so that they grow up to be healthy, wholesome, well-rounded Orthodox Christians, as well as productive members of society with vision and hope.”

Many of the ongoing needs for the children include clothing, furnishings, equipment and other essentials for the dormitories and kitchens. As with any home, there is regular maintenance. Over the years the Sisterhood fund, through the generosity of Philoptochos Chapters across the country, has assisted in:

  • replacing roofs
  • renovating bathrooms
  • replacing appliances kitchens in   the dormitory
  • purchasing carpeting
  • remodeling of the dormitories
  • repairing plumbing
  • general repairs

In 2014, the Sisterhood Commitment distributed $21,950 for the continued support of the physical needs of the children at Saint Basil Academy, including the purchase of a four-wheel-drive vehicle to assist in transporting the children, from a portion of these funds. Our family is our greatest blessing, and our Saint Basil family thanks and blesses us as their caretakers. Over the past 10 years, National Philoptochos has donated $400,063 to Saint Basil Academy for the Sisterhood Commitment.

For information, contact Saint Basil Academy Co-Chairs: Joanne Stavrakas and Kali Tsitsipas.

15th Children's Medical Fund Luncheon in Boston on

October 31, 2015

The Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon was established in 1989 and is hosted on a biennial basis rotating between the Direct Archdiocesan District and the eight Metropolises of the Archdiocese. Since its inception, the National Philoptochos has raised over $2.7 million for the Children’s Medical Fund. Click here to read more...

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