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Welcome to the Department of Social Services

Social Services

As you explore these pages, you will note that our programs and services strive to uphold our mission, which is to improve the quality of life of Orthodox Christian individuals and families in need in a way that maintains their dignity, self-determination and independence.  

You will find information about our social work services nationwide and how you or those you know can access our services, details about what we do and how, and information about how we can help Philoptochos members and church groups develop and organize local educational forums about issues they have identified as critical within their own communities.  If you would like us to research a specific issue on your behalf or help you organize a public education forum, or if you wish to refer someone to our office for help, please contact our office.  

Because we wish to ensure that the social service efforts performed at all levels of the Society are consistent, compassionate, accountable and transparent, we also have included on these pages, a section entitled, “Recommended Policies and Procedures for Philoptochos Metropolis and Local Chapters When Assisting Individuals and Families.”  We urge you to review and follow these recommendations to the best of your ability.   

For more information, questions about any of the items included, or suggestions as to how we can improve this section of our website, please contact:

Paulette Geanacopoulos, LMSW|
Director, Department of Social Work Services at 212.977.7782 or email socialwork@philoptochos.org

We look forward to hearing from you.



Social Services Statistics – 01.01.2014 – 05.31.2016

Social Services Narrative – Convention Report