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Chapter Challenges

“No challenge is too great for Philoptochos,” stated President Georgia Skeadas, who initiated the program at the 2004 National Philoptochos Biennial Convention. 

Nine chapters are selected in consultation with the Metropolis Presidents, one from each Metropolis, at each Convention. They are given $100 seed money each and the challenge is to select a project that reflects the work of Philoptochos.  Chapters develop, design, and implement a project of their own creation and choice.  Some suggestions are literacy, the disabled, food bank, shelter for women and/or children developmentally challenged children, and Alzheimer’s.  Projects are monitored and the chapters report and share their experience at the subsequent Convention.  The first group of chapters presented at the 2006 National Philoptochos Biennial Convention.

2020 Chapter Challenges

Direct Archdiocesan District

Chapter 0060, St. Nicholas Church, Flushing, NY,  Chapter President Vasiliki Dinas

Metropolis of Boston

Chapter 3004, St. Sophia Church, New London, CT, Chapter President JoAnn Ballassi

Metropolis of Denver

Chapter 8033, Holy Trinity Church, Dallas, TX, Chapter President, Joanna Spahis

Metropolis of Atlanta

Chapter 5046, St. Nektarios Church, Charlotte, NC, Chapter President Thalia Fergione

Metropolis of Detroit

Chapter 7025, St. John the Baptist Church, Sterling Heights, MI, Chapter President Kim LaForest

Metropolis of Pittsburgh

Chapter 6003, Annunciation Church, Akron, OH, Chapter President Diamon Marcum

Metropolis of San Francisco

Chapter 4012, St. Nicholas Church, Northridge, CA, Chapter President Dara Phillips

Metropolis of New Jersey

Chapter 1023, St. Thomas Church, Cherryhill, NJ, Chapter President Carol Pappas

Metropolis of Chicago

Chapter 2019, Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Glenview, IL, Chapter President Georgia Ryerson

2018 Chapter Challenges

Direct Archdiocesan District

Chapter 0062, St. Paraskevi, Greenlawn, NY

Philoptochos Cares - Making a Difference for Our Veterans

President Diane Bennis was so moved by the dedication and passion she observed by Joe Sledge, Public Affairs Officer of the VA Facility at a summer concert in Northport, VA. After speaking with Mr. Sledge, Diane went back to her Chapter to discuss how they could make a difference in the lives of the Veterans. The Philoptochos of Saint Paraskevi partnered with Joe Sledge to understand the needs of the local Veterans. As a result, they set out to support as many Veterans and their families as possible.

Metropolis of Boston

Chapter 3041, St. George, Springfield, MA

"Phil-Up-The-House" - for the Gray House

The Gray House is in a neighborhood typical of an inner-city in Springfield, MA approximately half a mile from St. George Cathedral. The Gray house was founded in the early 1980s by Sister Cathy Homroc and Sister Jane Morrissey whose vision came to fruition and opened its doors to a community in need. They provided services to meet civic, social, and educational needs of their neighbors. In viewing their mission statement, the Philoptochos of St. George Cathedral found that it dove tailed perfectly with the embodiment of Philoptochos resulting in an opportunity to fulfill local service.

Metropolis of Denver

Chapter 8022, St. George, Albuquerque, NM

The Navajo Nation - St. Bonaventure Mission

No running water, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, and no not in a foreign third world country. Here in the United States on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. The St. George Philoptochos consulted with Professor Dr. Paul Andrew Hutton from the University of New Mexico before embarking on their Chapter Challenge as they wanted to expand on their once a year food delivery in conjunction with YOCMA (Young Orthodox Christian American Missions Adventure) to the St. Bonaventure Mission. It is home to over 200 residences spanning a 50-mile radius. The Philoptochos gained access to the St. Bonaventure mission providing aid in the form of warm clothing and blankets, food, school supplies, dog food, solar lanterns, and more.

Metropolis of Atlanta

Chapter 5012, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Tarpon Spring, FL

GRO Group Greenhouse Project

We gathered information by talking to several people who worked in the City of Tarpon Springs about needs that they City may have.  We were given the contact information for the Tarpon Springs Recreation Department.  It was there that we learned that the Gro Group (Growth Responsibility Opportunity) needed a greenhouse and the city did not have the funds to build it.  Our Philoptochos board discussed the project and felt it was something that we would be able to accomplish.  We then brought the idea to our general meeting which was met with great enthusiasm.  

Once approved, planning started by meeting with architects, city developers and contractors. Our group started planning on how to make this dream come true.  With the grace of God, it all came together through the generosity and effort of many.   We were able to meet with many people from the Gro Group and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

A special thanks to Mrs. Kathy Theofilos, The Lulias Family, Joe Kokolakis Contracting, City of Tarpon Springs, Tarpon Springs Recreation Department, Klar and Klar Architects and to everyone that helped make this come true.

Metropolis of Detroit

Chapter 7007, St. Nicholas, Ann Arbor, MI

A Place to Play

Moved by their charming, charismatic ten-year old  parishioner named CJ, the Philoptochos of St. Nicholas chose to center their project on Creating Brighter Futures, a family-based autism clinic. The center lacked an outdoor play area and had plans for one in the future, but no funding. By bringing the community of St. Nicholas together and holding various fundraising events, the Philoptochos was able to raise funds to complete the excavation of the outdoor play area. Not only did they raise the funds for excavation, their efforts and inspiration prompted a generous donation by a parishioner for the playground equipment as well.

Metropolis of Pittsburgh

Chapter 6011, St. Paul Church, N. Royalton, OH

Postcard From Heaven

The St. Paul’s Philoptochos took on the task of sponsoring one room for the expanding Ronald McDonald house of Akron for a year. They decided on hosting a 5K Race for Ronald. Never holding an event such as this, they partnered with a race management company. With persistence against all odds, hard work, community involvement, and faith, the St. Paul’s Philoptochos was not only able to sponsor one room, but three.

PowerPoint Presentations: 

Postcard From Heaven - What To Do

Postcard From Heaven - The Race

Postcard From Heaven - And Then There Was More

Metropolis of San Francisco

Chapter 4037, St. John the Baptist, Las Vegas, NV

Warmth for the Homeless

The goal of the St. John the Baptist Philoptochos was to provide homeless children and adults living on the streets outside of shelters, the ability to withstand the bitter cold days and nights of the Las Vegas Desert. They took on the task of providing extreme cold weather sleeping bags of the same quality that the U.S. Government provides its Troops in the same weather conditions. Due to the funds raised by the Philoptochos and a successful bid through the Government Surplus Auction, they were able to purchase 132 sleeping bags to distribute. Furthermore, to give each person a sense of self-worth and responsibility, they require that they sign receipt for each sleeping bag. By having them sign their name, in a small way, they are acknowledging their existence as unique, and worthwhile person.

Metropolis of New Jersey

Chapter 1034, Cathedral of St. John the Theologian, Tenafly, NY


With their Chapter Challenge the Ladies of St. John the Theologian were granted the opportunity to reach out to the neediest and most vulnerable children of Greece and Cyprus by partnering with two nonprofits, The Ark of the World in Greece, and the Cyprus Children’s Fund in Cyprus. Inspiration for their project came in July of 2016 as the people of Greece and Cyprus are profoundly affected by the Financial Crisis. For two years, the Philoptochos led the way of this amazing journey. The scope of their project exceeded every expectation as they experienced the generosity, support and love of their Cathedral organizations and fellow stewards.

Metropolis of Chicago

Chapter 2054, Assumption, Town and Country, MO

Evelyn's House

The Assumption Philoptochos Society chose to help a hospice house. It was brand new to the area and they had just begun construction when they met with them. They worked alongside the Director of Evelyn’s House and their fundraising organization, Friends of Wings. It is the first hospice house in the area to accept pediatric patients. The intention was to do something child orientated, therefore they helped stock a kids’/ teen room. The challenge grew beyond that when they saw they had other needs like blankets and comfort bags for the families.

2016 Chapter Challenges

Direct Archdiocesan District: Chapter 0012, Saint Sophia Cathedral, Washington, DC

PROJECT: Partners for Kids in Care- Support for Foster Children

Metropolis of Chicago: Chapter 2046, Ascension of our Lord, Lincolnshire, IL

PROJECT: Fill the Bag

Metropolis of Boston: Chapter 3027, St. Nicholas, Lexington, MA

PROJECT: Expansion of Our Current Feeding the Hungry Programs.

Metropolis of Denver: Chapter 8036, Annunciation Cathedral, Houston, TX

PROJECT: One Parish United in Philanthropy

Metropolis of Atlanta: Chapter 5060, Saint Mark, Boca Raton, FL

PROJECT: Caring Kitchen

Metropolis of Detroit: Chapter 7035, Annunciation Cathedral, Buffalo, NY

PROJECT: Assisting Refugees Far & Near            PowerPoint Presentation

Metropolis of Pittsburgh: Chapter 6038, Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Pittsburgh, PA

PROJECT: FOCUS on Feeding the Children           PowerPoint Presentation

Metropolis of San Francisco: Chapter 4021, Saint Spyridon, San Diego, CA

PROJECT: Blessings from Philoptochos 

Metropolis of New Jersey: Chapter 1018, Saint Demetrios Cathedral, Baltimore, MD

PROJECT: Bridging the Digital Divide


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