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Operation Classroom

The US Department of Education has announced that over 94% of public school teachers provide school supplies for their classrooms out of their own resources without any expectation of reimbursement. What if every Philoptochos chapter across the US adopts an underserved school in their community and provides needed support?  This could be library books, art supplies, school supplies, tissues for runny noses, backpacks with weekend meals for students who depend on school food for sustenance and who go hungry on the weekends. If a chapter is considering a more ambitious project, they could consider providing their school with a Comfort Closet where children can obtain personal hygiene items and warm clothing. Multiply the number of schools served by the number of students and imagine the lives we could reach and positively impact! For a small financial investment, Philoptochos stewards can affect the next generation of scientists, artists, religious leaders, teachers, and perhaps even a president. Our President challenges every chapter to get involved and adopt a school. 

Implementing the program in your chapter:
  • The Chapter President should appoint an Operation Classroom Chair and committee.
  • The committee should seek out parishioners in their community who are educators, as well as other individuals affiliated with schools.
  • Parishioners should be used as a resource to identify schools in their area that are in need.
  • Whatever the project, chapters should aim for a year-long commitment to a school.
  • Get your entire community involved. This is an ideal project for the youth. Contact the Sunday School, Greek School, and GOYA to be a part of this hands-on project.
Getting started in your community:
  • First, check to see if there is an educational foundation for the school district your chapter is helping. Some foundations work with the teachers and classrooms by providing needed programs or supplies. If the foundation does not work in that capacity, they may be able to direct you to someone who does.
  • Approach a school district and ask if there is a community liaison assigned to work with volunteers who want to assist teachers or classrooms.
  • Approach a school principal and ask if there is a project or class/teacher that could benefit from Operation Classroom. The school may have needs that could best be met by approaching the principal first. 
The program is flexible and each chapter should design their program to fit the needs of the schools and teachers with which they are working.


Click on the presention below for more information on Operation Classroom and for tips on how your chapter can get started: