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Heart to Heart Pop-Up Kafés Support Greece & Cyprus

Aphrodite Skeadas, Chair

Across the U.S., stewards of the Philoptochos Society are hosting friendly and intimate Heart to Heart coffee socials to benefit the National Philoptochos Aid to Greece & Cyprus Fund. These “Pop-Up Kafés” are designed as a simple, achievable and fun way to fundraise, with a minimal financial goal for each event, and that may be duplicated many times throughout the country.    

Each organizer hosts a coffee event in a home, church facility or commercial venue, such as a local coffee shop (as pictured above with the Philoptochos of Holy Cross in Pittsburgh***).  The host invites a small number of guests, perhaps 10, and each guest offers a small donation for Aid to Greece & Cyprus, perhaps $10 per person.  This concept was considered to respect the attendee’s limited time availability, the amount to be donated by each attendee, as well as to minimize the host’s expenditure.  The gatherings are sessions of camaraderie, purpose and awareness - a coffee break with ease and simplicity that will produce a steady income stream for the Fund, as the Pop-Up Kafés continue through the year.

Now more than ever, our help is needed.  With an acute level of unemployment, the Greek economic crisis is considered on the scale of the U.S. Great Depression of the 1930’s, though the Greek crisis has lasted longer and continues to spiral downward.  In addition to the loss of jobs, healthcare and public services, the people of Greece and Cyprus continue to suffer with a serious loss of dignity and hope.  As sisters in Philoptochos, it is our privilege and responsibility to offer our love by assisting our brothers and sisters in Greece and Cyprus.

If you would like to learn more about this program or host a Heart to Heart Pop-Up Kafé, please contact a member of the National Philoptochos Aid to Greece & Cyprus Committee or your Direct Archdiocesan District or Metropolis Philoptochos President.


Pop-Up Kafé in Long Beach, California

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church, Metropolis of SF, March 22

Pop-Up Kafé in Riverside, Connecticut

In the home of Olga Karakadas of the Direct Archdiocesan District, March 22

Pop-Up Kafé in Charleston, West Virginia

“Greetings from the St. John Greek Orthodox Church Ladies Philoptochos in Charleston, West Virginia, in the Metropolis of Pittsburgh. We had a great time hosting the Pop-up Kafé. The event took place on April 2, and we look forward to more in the future,” said Chapter President, Connie Bowling.

“I was fortunate to make my very first trip to Greece last spring and I saw first-hand the children begging in the streets and many looking through the trash for something to eat.  With so many in need and more coming into the country every day trying to escape war and violence, it is an overwhelming task to ensure just the basic necessities for the refugees and the poor.”