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Disaster Relief

To make a donation to any of our Disaster Relief initiatives worldwide, click here: DONATE

Nepali Disaster Relief Fund

On May 12, a magnitude-7.3 earthquake hit in a mountainous area east of Kathmandu, near Nepal’s border with China. That earthquake was followed by a magnitude-6.3 seismic event about 30 minutes later, and a number of smaller aftershocks which caused additional loss of life and devastating destruction.  These tragic events followed another major earthquake on April 25 that killed more than 8,150 people and injured more than 17,860 as it flattened mountain villages and destroyed buildings where Nepalese were still mourning their dead and just beginning to recover.

Resulting from continuous Chapter fundraising efforts, the National Philoptochos Society was able to immediately respond with financial aid in the amount of $20,000 from the National Philoptochos Society's National Emergency Fund.   This donation, forwarded to the International Orthodox Christian Charities, the organization which is coordinating its response with the International Ecumenical Alliance, Action by Churches Together (ACT), and Orthodox partners on the ground will address the urgent humanitarian need for emergency supplies such as water, food, shelter and medication to those who are injured.

Long term assistance and aid will be required in Nepal to restore even the smallest semblance of normalcy for its citizens. The tragedy is great and the suffering is widespread. Please open your hearts and offer full support to this effort.


Apr 29, 2015: Founder and President of Hellenic Families In Need, Elizabeth Bartzokis (17), talks about her organization and her efforts to help the impoverished in Greece during the economic crisis.

Aid to Greece and Cyprus 

Three years ago, the National Philoptochos turned its hearts and eyes to our brothers and sisters in Greece and Cyprus who were stricken by a financial crisis that still continues today. Greece has suffered six years of recession and record unemployment. The poorest households have lost nearly 86% of their income, as benefits have been drastically reduced; wage cuts were put into effect; and taxes have increased significantly. Volunteer organizations and churches are stretched beyond their capacity to provide meals for the elderly and families. The government is no longer able to distribute milk in school, and children go without this fundamental nourishment. Similarly, in Cyprus, the domestic situation remains grim.

As Orthodox Christians, the National Philoptochos calls upon its members and friends to once again step forward to assist the thousands of suffering Orthodox Christians in Greece and Cyprus who are affected by this horrifying and ongoing crisis. Through your love and past generosity the Philoptochos Society has already distributed $482,000 to aid those who are suffering in Greece and Cyprus, $450,000 from the Aid to Greece and Cyprus Fund, and an additional $32,000 from the National Philoptochos Emergency Fund and General Medical Fund. However, the situation remains bleak and more help is needed, and so, we ask you to open your hearts once again.

Donations may be sent to National Philoptochos, 126 East 37th Street, New York, NY 10016 or can be made online by clicking here: DONATE

Click here for a listing of donations made in 2012 and 2013 through fundraising efforts: Aid to Greece and Cyprus. See below for detailed figures from the 2012 and 2013 Campaigns.  Coming soon-- full details for 2012 through 2014 disbursements for Greece and Cyprus.

To make a donation to our Aid to Greece and Cyprus Fund, click here



2012 Donations: $160,000

2013 Donations: $208,000

Total Donations in 2012-2013 for Aid to Greece and Cyprus: $368,000

2012 Aid to the People of Greece- Donations: $160,000

$50,000 to Apostoli for general aid to the people of Athens suffering from hunger, disability, illness
$50,000 to the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki for general aid to the needy
$25,000 to the Holy Archdiocese of Crete for food and supplies to be distributed to those in need
$25,000 to the Theotokos Foundation which provides opportunities to people with disabilities in order         to communicate,function with adequacy in order to be independent, self- sufficient and enter the         workforce. It serves children, adults and families with learning and developmental disabilities             and is located in Ilion, Attiki
$10,000 to Kivotos Tou Kosmou, in Athens, Greece which provides food, clothing, education and              shelter to more than 150 children daily

2013 Aid to the People of Greece and Cyprus- Donations:  $208,000

$18,000 Doctors Without Borders – Greece
$20,000 to IOCC 
$20,000 Archdiocese of Athens – for Apostoli after school program in Moschato
$25,000 Archdiocese of Athens – for Apostoli as a general donation for food and the great needs of         the children and the people
$30,000 to Apostoli for the new center for the care of children in Moschato, Athens

$20,000 Cyprus Autism Association
$10,000 to Holy Bishopric of Pafos 
$10,000 to Holy Bishopric of Kition
$10,000 to Holy Bishopric of Lemesos
$10,000 to Holy Bishopric of Morfou
$10,000 to Holy Bishopric of Konstantia Ammochostos
$10,000 to Holy Bishopric of Tamasos and Orini
$10,000 to Holy Bishopric of Trimithounta
$ 5,000 to Holy Bishopric of Kyrenia

News from Philoptochos Supported Ministries

in Greece and Cyprus 

A Report by His Grace, Bishop Sevastianos

Many times in our ministry to those in need, we do not get to see the fruit of our labor, but in some exceptional cases God affords us the opportunity to witness the result of our efforts. Last month I had the opportunity to visit charities that the Society, through your generosity, has supported both in Greece and Cyprus and I wanted to share with you first hand the difference that you have made in the lives of those in need.  Click here to read the details.


Talking To Your Children About Violent Events

Although we would like to protect our children from hearing about events like the Boston Marathon bombings, the school or movie theater shootings in Newtown, CT and Aurora, CO the repeated images and reporting on television and internet postings don’t allow this. But what we can do is talk about these events to our children to help them understand what happened and to help them cope with their emotions in a healthy manner.  For suggested steps to help you appropriately address the questions, concerns and feelings of anxiety that your children may have, please click here.

Helping Children After Tragedy

Tips to help the children in your life deal with tragedy.


Disaster Relief Archive